3 days holiday

2014-10-29 21:36:33 by solleader

I'm going away for a 3 days holiday, i will back soon!

It's released!

2014-10-24 22:19:53 by solleader

IWBTG: The lost level it's finally released, have fun playing with!

I'm Back!

2014-10-15 14:53:19 by solleader

I'm working on different project actually, expecially i'm making something for the Halloween contest of newgrounds!

Costruct 2 jam

2013-04-06 08:50:51 by solleader

I hope to get some time to work on something for that :)

Going to holyday for ten days

2012-07-21 22:54:46 by solleader

On 23th i'm going to a camping zone near the sea in "sardegna" an island in italy that iis also a region of it (you can see a photo of the beach), I never camped before.

Meanwhile i'm thinking about to create a flash game (a platform with a storyline) based on reversal cronological time events, when i'll be back i will start working on that, like "memento" the film from christopher nolan.

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed IWBTD :))

Going to holyday for ten days

Today is my birthday! :D

2012-06-18 18:41:28 by solleader

To celebrate it! i want to annouce that the sequel IWBTG -Pokieman Land is almost done and is nearly at end of beta testing, just in time for the stencyljam 2012! cheers!

I want to reveal one of the achievements that you can get ;)

Today is my birthday! :D

trailer IWBTG - Pokieman land

2012-05-23 20:51:01 by solleader

I've just relased a quick trailer of the game, you can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRP5189XvGM&featu re=youtu.be

IWBTG - Welcome to Pokieman!

2012-04-01 21:11:32 by solleader

Well this game project is about to start, if u want to collaborate just trow me a pm :)

Almost done!

2011-06-10 11:46:01 by solleader

I almost finished my short-film for "heart speak into heart", tonight the lasts scenes to filming.

Work in progress:

2011-05-26 11:09:05 by solleader

Actualy i'm working for the venice festival short-film. The title of the contest is "Heart speak into heart".